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Parkit Solution Private Limited incorporated in 2018 is a technology and business process consulting Company with headquarters in Hariom Nagar Ramjaipal Path Near Dental College Bailey Road Danapur Patna Bihar India - 801503. To deliver powerfully simple, integrated software that enables companies to operate their entire business efficiently and affordably while providing outstanding customer service.

Web Development & Design

Parkit Solutions can help you with all your IT requirements. Click the buttons below for more information pertaining to each individual service.

Mobile Application Development & Design

Parkit Solutions can help you with all your IT requirements. Click the buttons below for more information pertaining to each individual service.

Remote Support

Our dedicated team includes full-time IT Professional experts.


Our dedicated team includes full-time IT Professional experts.

Annual Maintenance Service (AMC)

Our dedicated team includes full-time IT Professional experts.

CCTV & Live Streaming

Live video streaming over the Internet has become extremely popular over the last few days and continues to attract more and more businesses, organizations, and people that want to promote products, services, events using live video over the Internet. It is becoming very typical for businesses to embed live video into their website and even make live video available over mobile cell phones, such as the Apple iPhone or Android phones. Using a service such as uStream or LiveStream allows users to broadcast their video using a Windows or MAC computer and an analog camera, such as a CCTV camera (aka surveillance cameras). CCTV cameras have become a popular choice to use with live streaming services because of their low price point and the availability of many different styles of cameras to choose from for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Update! 1080p CCTV cameras can now be used to stream live video. Check out this recent article on how-to use multiple HD CCTV cameras to live stream video on Website.

Here is what you will need to use a CCTV camera with uStream (or other live streaming video service such as LiveStream):

CCTV camera with a BNC video output (if you need help choosing one, CCTV Camera Pros can help). One of the best cameras according to many people that have setup CCTV cameras for live website streaming is the outdoor CCTV camera. RCA to USB video capture device (Pinnacle makes several models). These devices capture the analog video signal from the closed circuit TV camera and make the stream usable by the PC it is connected to. A BNC cable to connect CCTV camera to the video capture device A BNC to RCA connector to convert the BNC connector on the video capture device end (Pinnacle device has RCA input) A Windows or MAC computer with a USB input Broadcaster software from uStream, LiveStream, or any other multicast video streaming service that you choose A high speed Internet connection at the location of your broadcasting PC. Recommended minimum upload speed of 512 kbps per camera.


Our dedicated team includes full-time IT Professional experts.

Digitization (Data Entry)

The world has become tech-savvy with the recent IT boom. Considering this, PARKIT has introduced its document digitizing services to help organizations across the globe go paperless. We help converting your documents into digital formats that can be preserved for a lifetime. Be it any kind of data or document - right from audio, texts, video, images, business cards, periodicals to books - it can be easily digitized and converted into any required format that can be transferred over Information Technology.

Whether your project entails digitizing library books, corporate records, historic collections, books slated for POD, one of a kind works, lab notebooks, magazines, or any other type of bound content, PARKIT has the right solution in place. All of our bound digitization equipment utilizes cradle technology to alleviate stress on the spine of your books. If your books are duplicates, or you are interested in only capturing the information through OCR, we can professionally disbind the books in our bindery prior to scanning and, if needed, rebind the materials for long term storage.

Newspapers, maps, atlases, posters, plat books, fold outs, county records and other forms of large format materials require a unique set of skills in order to digitize them carefully and accurately. PARKIT has been successful in achieving the utmost quality of large format document capture on both large scale projects and, from a preservation standpoint, for many of the most valuable collections, satisfying archivists at many of the world’s most prestigious institutions. That experience and resultant knowledge has led to a vast understanding of the complex and diverse handling and imaging requirements inherent to these materials. We are capable of capturing bound or flat large format items, achieving 100% spatial relationship, with or without stitching.

Mortgage documentation, HR records, personnel files, student/teacher records or transcripts, invoices, accounts payable items, insurance applications, health care forms, bank records, legal documents, proof of delivery, receipts, index cards, or any other loose materials have special inherent requirements, depending on each items condition.. Through our ongoing investment in cut sheet and flat bed scanning technologies, we assist our customers in accurate capture that helps them become more cost efficient by providing fast access to their mission critical documents. Some loose materials can be scanned utilizing Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) devices, others require special handling one by one on a flat bed scanner. Many back file conversions (on or off site) or ongoing projects need preparation of the documents prior to scanning. DCS can easily handle all scenarios based on our clients long term service goals with whatever frequency makes the most sense for improving your work flow. PARKIT is a cost effective and valuable conduit for your company’s ongoing retrieval needs and ultimate success.

Is your bottleneck after the scan? What else needs to be done to the images that you have captured? Do you need to get them formatted for publishing, Web display, or archiving? We can take your images to the next level by providing all necessary post-scan services such as cropping, despeckle, deskewing, background removal, and QC. We are experienced in delivering multiple derivatives including: XML Conversion, TEI, METS/ALTO, NDNP standards, JP2, Compressed PDFs (with or without OCR), OCR Correction Services, Data Capture, and ePub including the Sony e-Reader, Nook, Kindle, and iPad.


Our dedicated team includes full-time IT Professional experts.

Human Resources Support Services (Manpower)

Our dedicated team includes full-time IT Professional experts.


Through flexible high-performance models, we help clients optimize the holistic support environment to enable increased automation, reduced demand, robust knowledge management and process improvements.

Our Tier 1 through Tier 2 approach provides incident resolution and request fulfillment, from known documented issues at Tier 1 to highly complex issues such as registry fixes, patching/updates and root cause analysis of problems at Tier 2 and beyond. Additionally, the service desk includes end-to-end service level management that owns the incident management and request fulfillment process life cycle from cradle to grave across the enterprise.

We provide on-site and dispatch services dedicated to incident resolution, request fulfillment, IMAC, mobile device and asset management execution focused on optimal mean time to resolution (MTTR). Desktop support also includes executive support (white glove), walk-up center and audio visual/conference room support.

With the integration of service desk and desktop support into one functional service, multidiscipline support transitions many upstream engineering support functions to the service desk enabling optimal return on investment through decreased demand, increased self-service and best practice-based automation.

We augment a desktop support team to provide asset and inventory management, asset and software deployment as well as hardware refreshes. We integrate into existing vendor relationships and act as a single point of contact for both hardware and software provisioning for IT.

Leveraging expertise from our IT Service Management and Organizational Change Management practices, we provide support through every stage of the ServiceNow journey, from assessments and implementations to integrations and enhancements

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